The Amazing Brandi Davis


Photo courtesy of Brandi Davis

Kayla Thurman, Staff Writer

Brandi Alicia Davis was born on December 5th in the 90’s. She is a Sagittarius just like the Queen of Rap, Ms. Nicki Minaj. Ms. Davis says the zodiac signs she runs into the most are Geminis and Virgos; she said she gets along with Virgos a lot and added that they’re good people (no offense to Geminis, but you all know what you do). When asked what it was like growing up in the 90’s, some words that came to mind were: “colorful, Rugrats, the old Nickelodeon shows, pretty good.”

Photo courtesy of Brandi Davis

Ms. Davis has a great sense of humor and is very goal-driven. She wants to continually do better by herself and others and to have people see her grow. Andrea German, Chair of the Special Education Department, says, “I enjoy working with Ms. Davis. She’s full of life, she’s a very kind and nice person, she makes me laugh, she always sees the best in things, and I always look forward to seeing Ms. Davis every morning.” As Ms. Davis’ supervisor, Ms. German’s role is to answer Ms. Davis’ questions about her job as an instructional assistant, but she admits that she sees Ms. Davis as more of a colleague and a friend than her superior. Ms. German says she is sometimes the one asking Ms. Davis for advice. “Sometimes, we all work with the same students, so we ask, ‘what do you think about this?’” Other times, they will be working in the same classroom and will look at each other and start laughing when a student says something funny. “She gets how you can just enjoy your day at work and not take certain things too seriously and too personally,” Ms. German describes. “She’s probably one of my favorite people,” she adds.

Alongside Officer Ray, Ms. Davis coaches the step team and the majorettes—all while being four months pregnant at the time of our interview! Ms. Davis’ clubs mostly practice on the black top near the auditorium with her speaker radio, and during our interview she mentioned that people who want to try out for majorettes or step should go for it and at least see how they like it! Ms. Davis wants her steppers to remember to always persevere and keep going and that even if you make a mistake, nobody knows you made the mistake except you.

Photo courtesy of Brandi Davis

Brandi Davis works hard at her job every day. She’s been employed by Baltimore County Public Schools since 2015 and is herself a graduate of Patapsco High School. While at Patapsco, Ms. Davis was the student body president, SGA vice president, and, in 2011, she was named Miss Patapsco. She was in both the magnet program and AVID program, she was a member of the Step Squad, and she also served as a peer mediator. She recalls that in high school she felt like she worked at the school because she would arrive here at 7:45 in the morning and would usually not go home until 5 pm. Ms. Davis says that working here is everything she wanted and more. Everyone thought she’d go to college, but she just couldn’t see herself going down that route. She felt like school wasn’t for everyone and it just wasn’t for her at the time. However, not going to college didn’t mean she wasn’t motivated. Instead of going to senior week, she chose to work and save toward getting her first car and figuring out her life because money was tough. As Ms. Davis was growing up, her mother would oftentimes work two to three jobs, which shaped Ms. Davis into the amazing woman she is today.

As a goal-oriented person, Ms. Davis has some words of wisdom for those who can relate to her story: Write down your goals, say your goals out loud, and you will manifest them. Figure out what you want and stick to your plan. Believe in your plan. Take action, do a vision board, pray about it. And, most importantly, never give up.